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Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?

Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? published on No Comments on Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?

Legendary Hero Comics is no more. 🙁

This is due to a unethical web hosting company refusing to transfer the domain. Boo! Hiss!

But do not worry. Heroes rise again. Come check us out at our new site: – Courage never gives up!

Rockin’ Life – page 17

Rockin’ Life – page 17 published on No Comments on Rockin’ Life – page 17


Legendary Hero Comics is getting a new website!

I’m tired of this old, clunky system and I’m currently working on a newer, cleaner site. Updating will become easier (heck, the last two weeks of posting, my scheduled posts didn’t release and I had to manually go in and completely redo the entire post.) It’s taken me some time to make sure I had an option that allowed me to schedule my posts so you can have consistent comic updates (assuming I can get them done as I wish, but that’s part of why I need to have something that is reliable and easy to get posts set up). This site has not been easy, ever. And I’d rather be rocking and rolling along rather than trying to roll down the hill like a square wheel.

That all being said, onto my blurb about this page!

I find it very hard to accept that some people just want to be rocks. They stay in the same place, watching their lives go by, complaining about everything and everyone else in the world without realizing that if they’d get up and get moving they could be part of the solution.

I admit that I sometimes take a look at things happening on social media and it makes me want to go crawl in a hole. Quite often I do. I have to remove myself so that I can go do the “work” that I’m here to do. Yes, I find my happy place and I let the rest of the world be. I’m happiest when I’m doing my thing. Does that make me selfish? I’d say, “No.” Because when I’m happy and experiencing that, I can be kinder to the world. I find that people would rather complain than do anything else. It’s like complaining has become the national pastime. I can’t speak for other countries, but I doubt humanity is really too much different even among the varied nations. So, this might very well be a worldwide epidemic.

I challenge you today: when you find yourself complaining, stop. Don’t try to fix the problem. It doesn’t need you to fix it. Just let it be. Don’t get wrapped up in the drama. Just stop. Don’t continue the chain. Then go do something you enjoy, listen to a happy song, take a deep breath, and settle into a the calm connection of energy that runs through everything. Take another deep breath; you probably need it.

Now ask yourself if you are actively trying to build something that will make this world a better place, whether that is raising good kids, making great art, building software that will make life better for billions of people, curing cancer, or just drawing little comics which you hope brings joy to someone. If you’re not, then now is the time to stop being a rock and start rockin’.



Rockin’ Life – Page 16

Rockin’ Life – Page 16 published on No Comments on Rockin’ Life – Page 16

You know, I really didn’t plan this. Honest!

I had no idea what I’d be doing for a publishing schedule when I set up last week’s Weblinks post. It just felt right to run it one week after my Rockin’ Life post. So I thought, “Hey, let’s try to publish one comic every week. I’ll post it on Tuesdays and if I have a Weblinks page done, I’ll do that and if not, I can kick out a Rockin’ Life.” Sounded simple, right?

However, the only thing I have ready as I’m posting this is the next Rockin’ Life page.

And the Tuesday it comes up on just happens to be Halloween.

See? Spooky things do happen when the veil between the worlds grows thin. I mean, what are the chances of me randomly deciding to get back to my Legendary Hero Comics page, having three posts to set up, choosing Tuesday as the day, and not having run this particular Rockin’ Life earlier on the 17th. It’s not like Rockin’ Life particularly has a page order. I could do it at any time. Tombstones, really?


One other thing I wanted to mention: my short story, Oxygen, which ran as a Wednesday story on my other blog is now available if you want to read more spooky fiction today. Check it out on Amazon here. For additional platforms, click this link.

Please have a happy and safe Halloween. And get busy rockin’ life.

Weblinks: Bite 5, page 5

Weblinks: Bite 5, page 5 published on No Comments on Weblinks: Bite 5, page 5

While I was at Snake River Comic Con, I got to talk to so many people who loved vampires and were craving vampire stories that it made me want to get back to Weblinks.

Maybe it’s the season. Oh well, here’s another page for Weblinks. May I get back to doing more pages!

I also wanted to get back to Rockin’ Life. I was burnt out on it for a while until I came across several sketches I had done. It energized me and got me all excited for that project again too. So, hopefully I can do something more with this whole site again. I still won’t promise a posting schedule, but I do hope to get ahead so I have some flexibility with my daily life. (Life? What’s that? I keep swearing I must get myself one. If Walmart has them for $9.98 again, would someone please let me know?)

Onward to another page.

Poor Lucky. He so wishes he had better news to tell Caitlyn. (sad face) But we’re happy because we got one more page. (happy face)

Weblinks – Bite 4, page 2

Weblinks – Bite 4, page 2 published on No Comments on Weblinks – Bite 4, page 2

I’m having a hard time believing I’m already at Bite 4 of Weblinks. Wow, time has gone by fast.

If you’re enjoying this, come like the Facebook page at

Also, if you’re a writer and want to improve your craft, or you just like reading stories online, come check out what I’m doing over at

Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 9

Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 9 published on No Comments on Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 9

Ever have one of those moments when you’re talking and find everyone staring at you and you realize that they have no clue what you’re talking about, or worse, you haven’t realized that you’ve been talking to yourself. Yeah, it’s like that.

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