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Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 6

Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 6 published on No Comments on Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 6

Crowd shots. Yeah, still need to work on those. Aneeka, on her Not a Villain webcomic, says that her fear of drawing crowds helped her to develop the blobs — ghostly shells of people without any details and it became a running gag for her. Had I seen that before I did this page, I might have run with that idea too! 🙂

Do check out Aneeka’s webcomic. Like me, she started off as a writer and moved into comics (learning to draw by as she released pages of her webcomic — sound familiar) so I feel like she’s a kindred spirit.

Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 4

Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 4 published on No Comments on Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 4

This page always made me want to write the Weblinks novel. There is so much more going on in the story than I’ve been able to tell so far in the comic. This hints at it in a quick fashion, but there’s no depth to it. I’m really thinking about going back and adding the novelization as a rough draft to the pages below in the transcript section. Would you like that? Let me know.

Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 3

Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 3 published on No Comments on Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 3

Okay, remember how I said that I was feeling pretty good about drawing the ruins in the beginning of Bite 3. Yeah, well here’s where that feeling really faded. I thought about going back and fixing things like the girl’s arm (and some of the crowd shots later on) but I really did want to stay true to the original artwork because, again, I’m trying to show the progression of my drawing in hopes of inspiring others. Anything worth doing is worth doing badly — then, hopefully, you get better at it. If I made corrections now, it wouldn’t be the real growth that I needed to show.

That being said, I did fix the “High School” letters. Originally I couldn’t get the text to go in perspective, so I did it by hand. And it looked hand drawn. Considering the use of the graphic, I decided I needed to get actual text in perspective. I’d figured out how to do that in Manga Studio (aka Clip Studio) and decided to correct at least that much here.

Rockin’ Life – Page 14

Rockin’ Life – Page 14 published on No Comments on Rockin’ Life – Page 14

Everything takes time to grow: children, puppies, kittens, tomatoes, carrots, and yes, even businesses. Comics too! So often, we see “overnight successes” and we don’t realize how long something took to actually get there.

But gardens do not grow by the gardener going out every day, yanking the plant out of the ground and pulling on the roots to make them longer. Nor can you tug on the stems to make them stretch. You can’t grow a tree overnight. It takes time. All you can do is tend, and water, and nurture. The same is true of a business or a career or a new life. Just as you can’t turn a plane around in mid-air without making a wide arc, nothing just pops up overnight.

Unless you’re a tulip who wants winter to be over long before it is.

Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 1

Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 1 published on No Comments on Weblinks – Bite 3, Page 1

While the first two panels are graphics included with the Manga Studio program, I drew the ruins of Petra and the Egyptian tomb myself. It was the first moment where I really thought I might be becoming an artist and capable of doing this. Funny how one day you can be on top of the world and the next you can be down in the dumps. You’ll see what I mean in the next few pages.

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