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Rockin’ Life – 2015

Rockin’ Life – 2015 published on No Comments on Rockin’ Life – 2015

It’s funny. Well, almost.

When I started Rockin’ Life, I was raring to go on the project. I have BIG PLANS. Then, one day, I started hearing Zig Ziglar’s voice saying, “Do you really believe everything?” If you’ve listened to his goal CD’s, I’m sure you know the line I’m talking about. He’s talking about how, while he was writing his book, he was envisioning himself speaking in front of audiences and someone coming up afterward and poking him in his 42″ waist and asking him if he believed everything he wrote and spoke about. It set him on a weight loss program.

I started to feel the same. Did I really believe everything I was sharing in Rockin’ Life? Did I really believe it? What about all the people around me that I felt didn’t really get ambitious over anything? Were they “all right” or did they need some serious help? Was my motivation going to help them? Did they want to hear it? Do people really want to follow their passion or is it just me? Maybe I was the one who needed some serious help. Or maybe I’m just a workaholic. Or maybe I need to focus so my energy isn’t so scattered. Do I do too many things? Am I a jack-of-all-trades yet master or none? Am I the one wasting my life away?

All good and valid questions. I’m still not sure I’ve worked through all the answers, or even scratched the surface on them. In the end, I don’t know if it matters. I just have to do what I feel like doing. In that spirit, I made a video. I started on it after Christmas and then had a computer meltdown which wasted more time while I restored it — thank goodness I didn’t lose my files (how often have I yelled at people to backup?). I was a few days late in posting it, but I can live with that. My sentiment is still the same. I hope all the best for you in 2015. Let me know what you’re up to as well.


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