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Rockin’ Life – Page 1

Rockin’ Life – Page 1 published on No Comments on Rockin’ Life – Page 1

Welcome to Rockin’ Life.

This page pretty much sums up what the whole “comic” will be about: Are you ready to quit being a rock and start rocking life? After all, we only get one go around with this identity we’ve been born into (unless you want to take alternate dimensions into consideration, but that’s a discussion for later). We’ve all seem examples of people who have had every opportunity for success completely fail just as others have overcome incredible odds to succeed. Often, in both cases, we stand back and question why. The answer is simple: some are rocks and others rock life. In both cases, you get to choose.

So, start now; choose.

If you can’t, may this comic give you insights and inspiration to help you in your journey.

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