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Rockin’ Life – Page 11

Rockin’ Life – Page 11 published on No Comments on Rockin’ Life – Page 11

Rockers realize there is no true map.

It isn’t that they haven’t looked for a map; they have. It’s just that they don’t find themselves located on it, not in the way they want. Or they found themselves on it, but don’t like the path it takes. Either way, the Rocker eventually realizes their own path must be taken.

Rockers, as I mentioned, look for maps. They have gathered information from all sorts of things, people, books, movies, documentaries, magazines, cartoons, etc., and have boiled all that information together in their head. They use their heart to guide them. Armed with information and intuition, the Rocker sets out and forges his own way.

The map isn’t the Rocker’s identity. Rather, it’s an experiment, a game. They are trying it on for size. The Rocker knows that his mission is what’s important, mission being whatever gift he wants to give back to the world.

Also, the Rocker sees that there are many branches in the path they are on. Some lead back to road that they could’ve taken earlier, some lead off in different directions, some meander, some seem shorter but may have more obstacles. In the end, the Rocker knows to just keep moving. After all, only by taking the journey does one arrive at their destination.


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