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Rockin’ Life – Page 15

Rockin’ Life – Page 15 published on No Comments on Rockin’ Life – Page 15
When I drafted this page, I originally wrote, “Working your craft makes perfection.”


I don’t think anything ever comes out “perfect.” Especially since as you go further along in continuing your craft, you will look back and see things that you could have done differently. Besides, times change, people change, society changes. What was once “perfect” becomes outdated. New methods are picked up/invented/discovered. “Perfect” is a status that is unobtainable but for a fleeting instant.

Rather, we should always seek to keep improving. That is what makes the gem of our work “perfect” for the moment before we move onto the next project, which we should make better than the last. If we always seek to make a 1% improvement all the time, we can change our world entirely. The difference may be imperceptible to you until you look back to see all you’ve done and are astounded by it. It happens. Just keep rockin’ your world and you’ll see what I mean.

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