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Rockin’ Life – Page 5

Rockin’ Life – Page 5 published on No Comments on Rockin’ Life – Page 5

Stand up!

That’s right. The first step in taking action is to stand up. Walk, pace, take a hike even if it’s just around the block, get your body in motion.

You have to move. You have an idea and now you must figure out how to put legs on it. If your idea is still sitting there on the ground, you’re still a rock.

I often think of the lyrics to the song that goes a little like this: “These boots are made for walkin’ and that’s just what they’ll do. This boots are made for walking and they’ll walk all over you.” Let this become your battle cry, not as an overbearing, aggressive person out to crush someone else, but as a reminder that you are strong enough to walk in your own shoes and take action. Trust me, if you aren’t out there doing your thing, other people will be and they will pass you by. Likewise, you can bypass people who started on the same path you’re on but stopped along the way. The world doesn’t stop turning.

Now let’s get moving!

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