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Weblinks — Bite 1, Page 1

Weblinks — Bite 1, Page 1 published on No Comments on Weblinks — Bite 1, Page 1

b1p1bI’ve missed working on Weblinks.

It’s hard when you’re torn between wanting to go back and fix things and continuing forward. Still, I know the reality: if a writer keeps going back and rewriting chapter 1, they will never finish the book. (True story)

Well, my dilemma was also more than that. I also kept thinking about moving it to its own website. Of course, how many websites can one person have to update? Especially when I started thinking that Weblinks was only one comic of many that I wanted to do. I really wanted one spot to contain them all.

That’s when Legendary Hero Comics was born.

So, here I start.

The original comic will remain for the time being on WebcomicsNation, but I may do some redrawing/retoning of the pages. I do want to remain mostly true to the original artwork, even as horrible as it is. It shows my growth as an artist and I think that’s important for others who want to draw their own comic. All too often we see finally polished work of artists who have more practice than we do and we don’t see the earlier, rougher work. We forget that they progressed along much as we are.

I want to thank Sonny Strait for his panel at Anime Oasis. He said that some of the best advice he ever got was that a comic book artist had to get through the first 200 pages as sort of “training period” (my quotes, not his). He asked how many pages we’d completed by show of hands. Most hands dropped at 20 pages. I figured I had around 40. When he asked how many of us had 30 pages done, all hands went down except for mine and another guy’s. At 40, we both put our hands down. I felt pretty good that I’d come so far when others had dropped out. When I got home, I realized that it was actually closer to 60 pages that I’ve done between Weblinks and Sacred Knight. So, if I have 150 pages to go, I can handle that thought. I realize it’s a never ending process, that I’ll always still be learning how to do things better, getting new, better, faster tools that increase my workflow, etc., but I like having that goal. Next time, my hand will be up the longest and when he asks how many pages I’ve done, it’ll be more that 200! And, I hope that my passing this advice along here helps out someone in the same place I’m at now.

Now, I’m going to try to post regularly on this comic and some others, but I’m going to make no promises. Especially since I’m trying to figure out how to get this site set up at the same time! 🙂  Stay tuned to my Facebook page for more updates!

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