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Weblinks – Bite 1, Page 5

Weblinks – Bite 1, Page 5 published on No Comments on Weblinks – Bite 1, Page 5

When I originally released this, it was on this page that I really got a feel for who Kaden was.

If you haven’t heard the story before, I started Weblinks because I’d had the idea of a vampire living in an old church for some time; I’d been driving around exploring a city I’d gone to visit and while completely lost, I came across an old church that was fenced off and several of the stain glass windows had been busted out. Still, it looked like someone had taken to living there. Bam! Story idea born.

Then, one night many years later, I was out taking a walk. I was in a funk. I needed a change but I didn’t know what. So I asked myself the question: If I were to meet someone tonight, who would I want to meet?

“I’d want to meet Kaden,” I answered myself. It’s a good thing I’m use to getting this sort of answer. “Who’s Kaden?” I asked the part of me who had answered. “Look up,” came the reply.

I’d been watching the sidewalk beneath my feet. It was after dark and the sidewalks where I live are rough, cracked, raised, and threatening to trip the average person walking down the street. I usually walk in the road for this reason. But this night I hadn’t been. I looked up to see the church across the street and ahead of me. A chill came over me. I was about to meet the vampire who lived in the church. It was almost as if I could see him standing on the tower. I don’t know if the church actually has roof access like that or not, but I knew if it didn’t Kaden would have put it in. And while the real church is far from abandoned, it did become a reference for me. I have never been inside, but I dont’ need to since Kaden’s redone his church home.

So between the last page of actually getting to see the sparse conditions in which he lives and getting the sarcasm Kaden feels from this page (the bible on the podium, yeah, he probably put it there intentionally, but so much more of this story as well as Sabriel’s Angel will need to come before that’s understood), I was really getting a grip on his character. He was starting to flesh out, not just being the vampire living in the church. I really do like Kaden’s character.

Someday, maybe I’ll get to write his story.

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