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Weblinks – Bite 1, Page 6

Weblinks – Bite 1, Page 6 published on No Comments on Weblinks – Bite 1, Page 6

In the original post of this page, there were sooooo many things wrong.

My lesson learned? Always use good references.

While there are still “issues” with this page, I decided to keep the ones I could live with. The one I had to change was of her sitting cross-legged on the chair. I’ve always had it in my mind that this was a Queen Anne style chair. I added a few accents to the chair in each panel, but decided to keep it as the original chair. Caitlyn however needed major fixing.

I feel much better about her sitting in the chair now.

Weblinks: Behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered what vampires do? I mean, they must have living expenses like the rest of us, right? Aside from the whole needing identification documents, there are still things that have to be paid for: power, water, cable, Internet! Let’s not forget Internet! So really, how do vampires pay for that?

In the classical mythology of the vampire, I’m sure the answer would be: they just take money from the people they bite — talk about eating and running with a little side dish of theft.

I wanted my mythology of the vampire to be a bit different. After all, he’s not feeding on humans, but he’s got to have something that earns him money.

Now, a long time ago, I use to deliver newspapers. I loved the early morning walks and I had three routes. The money was horrid, collections even worse. But there was such a stillness to the world at five in the morning. There’s also odd things that happen when you get to know a neighborhood: you recognize cars that should or shouldn’t be there, you may catch a person coming home at a strange hour, who can’t sleep, etc. Just little things that give you little glimpses of life. I always thought it would be interesting to write a story about that. In fact, I did somewhere.

But here, for my mythology, I thought delivering papers was something that Kaden could do that was absurdly normal and yet, he knows that it gives him an awareness of his town and when something is wrong.

For the observant, those who know, bundles of newspapers are generally dropped off at the deliverer’s house sometime between two and five in the morning. That means that Caitlyn was out way after curfew! What was she up to?

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