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Weblinks: Bite 5, page 5

Weblinks: Bite 5, page 5 published on No Comments on Weblinks: Bite 5, page 5

While I was at Snake River Comic Con, I got to talk to so many people who loved vampires and were craving vampire stories that it made me want to get back to Weblinks.

Maybe it’s the season. Oh well, here’s another page for Weblinks. May I get back to doing more pages!

I also wanted to get back to Rockin’ Life. I was burnt out on it for a while until I came across several sketches I had done. It energized me and got me all excited for that project again too. So, hopefully I can do something more with this whole site again. I still won’t promise a posting schedule, but I do hope to get ahead so I have some flexibility with my daily life. (Life? What’s that? I keep swearing I must get myself one. If Walmart has them for $9.98 again, would someone please let me know?)

Onward to another page.

Poor Lucky. He so wishes he had better news to tell Caitlyn. (sad face) But we’re happy because we got one more page. (happy face)

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